Providing standard supported living services

With the help of trained, qualified, experienced, and professional staff.

Support Provided

Our support covers most areas our clients will need assistance on. From Finance Management to Health & Safety. We strive to make sure you are comfortable. Your experience with us will be an intriguing one

Finance Management

Budgeting, Claiming benefits, Debt management and Obtaining/ paid or voluntary work

Work/Leisure Activities

Attending college, Attending day centres, Attending leisure centres, Attending faith/ religious and cultural groups, Visit to friends and family, Learning/ maintaining activities of daily living (e.g. cooking, cleaning, washing etc.) and Going on holidays and day trips


Monitoring mental health, Registration with primary health centres (e.g. GP, dentist, chiropodist, opticians etc.), Dietary advice/ healthy eating, Appointments with consultants, Prompting for medication where applicable and Working with Health Action Plans

Health & Safety

24 hour on call service, Advice on home security, Personal safety awareness, Travel training, Monitoring health and safety, Managing challenging behaviour and complex needs, Risk management and Regular house and service checks

Service User’s

Service user forums, Representation at safety management committee meetings, Representation at staff meetings and Involvement in recruitment and selection.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact our friendly reception staff with any enquiry.

Great staff

Our staff are highly trained, with a passion for the work they render. They have a positive attitude, motivated and very professional in the discharge of their duties.

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday                          24hrs
Saturday                                        24hrs

Sunday                                          24hrs