Sets The Standard For Outstanding Quality Services!!

We offer the full spectrum of support services to help people with some specific health challenge.
Everything from mental health conditions, drug and alcohol, forensic service users and
learning disabilities to providing facilities and accommodations for our clients.

Supported Living Services

This is an exciting innovation, developed to support adults living with enduring mental health problems, learning disabilities and bespoke 24/7.

Step Down Supported Accommodation

We also support service users when they move to their own step down accommodation

Bespoke Services

We support people living with mental health diagnosis, learning disability or autism. We offer individual care pathway along with robust risk management.

Floating Support Services

This service can help you resolve a crisis and improve your skills and confidence to take control of your life and make your own decisions.

Drug and Alcohol

We offer you or a loved one a range of services depending on what you need, from detox and residential rehab to supported living and aftercare support.

Service Provision

We provide services from 1 hour – 24 hours a day based on assessed need which can include:

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    We put you first and so we are always here to serve you better. We have specialists to respond to you and counsel you. before booking or coming to our facility, please check our working hours and if there are upcoming events.


    Since 2018, we have been providing quality support services for young adults with mental health challenges in and around Manchester